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Fiduciary Accounting Services

fiduciary accounting services

As a trustee you're considered the fiduciary, the primary financial representative of a trust or estate. Fiduciary accountings associated with this role demand the time and attention of an experienced financial professional like James Castaldo CPA & Associates. We provide the specialized fiduciary accounting services required to adequately care for the fiscal responsibilities of an estate, trust, or guardianship.

As trusted fiduciary accountants, we know how to properly manage and protect real estate holdings, investments, limited partnerships, and other assets associated with an estate or trust. You can count on us to keep your fiduciary accountings organized, up to date, and in compliance with court requirements.

Find out how we can assist with your fiduciary accounting, estate, and tax planning needs. Call us today at 631-302-1945 or request a free consultation online now.

Outsourced fiduciary accounting services include: